Ex Fis is specialized in supplying large end user customers with requirements in wide geographical area. We deliver innovative, effective & reliable logistic solutions.

We support large construction projects, meet energy needs of utility, industrial, mining & processing companies as well as service government & military fuel requirements.

Our refining and processing access gives us capability of meeting various types of fuel specification requirements:

  • Fuel Oil LSFO
  • Coal / Lignite
  • Bitumens: 50/70, 80/100,160/220, Industrial Bitumen 90/10; Polimer Modified Bitumens: PmB 85/40, PmB 60/90, PmB 30/50, PmB 15/35; Bitumen Emulsions: Anionic & Cationic
  • Eurodiesel 10 ppm (CFPP up to -35°C)
  • Gasoline: RON 95, 98 & 100
  • Aviation Fuels: Jet A1, Jet Avtur FSII CI/LI, Avgas 100 LL
  • Various types of additives

Our financial position and long terms relations with major global & regional banks allow us to provide financial packadges for our customers and their financing requirements. In addition, risk management contract options are offered.

Technical support such as design, build & comminsioning of fueling instalations, truck & equipment rental, tank cleaning, training & inspections, quality control, calibration are provided to our customers.