QHSSE Policy

Ex Fis Integrated Management System


Our Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (QHSSE) Policy is to conduct Ex Fis fuel business operations safely, efficiently and consistently in a manner that accomplishes and outperforms expectations set forth, primarily by ourselves, by our customers, contractual obligations, partners, laws and industry standards.

Ex Fis aims to provide excellent customer service by consistently meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. We have a customer centric business philosophy and help our customers achieve their goals.

We have learned so far, that disciplined pursuit and implementation of Ex Fis QAHSSE System, will unequivocally result in achievement of superior operating and financial performance.

Ex Fis QHSSE Policy is our commitment of achieving following objectives:

· Primary and most important QHSSE objective is “ZERO INCIDENTS” which is achieved by systematic identification and elimination of hazards.

· Provide Excellent Customer Service.

· Insuring the safety of our personnel, contractors, visitors and third parties.

· Minimizing and eliminating effects of Ex Fis operations in the environment.

· Having a systematic QHSSE approach, including all Ex Fis processes, to ensure compliance with Ex Fis expectations, customers, contractual obligations, laws and industry standards.

· Continuously improve and develop operating performance by setting ambitious targets then measuring, evaluating and reporting their accomplishment.

· Continuously work in developing and improving efficiency and consistency.

· Manage QHSSE matters with the same level of importance as any other critical business activity.

· Promote a culture in which all Ex Fis employees share this QHSSE commitment.

· Include QHSSE performance in the appraisal of staff and reward accordingly.

· Require contractors, visitors and third parties to follow this QHSSE Policy.

Every Ex Fis employee has responsibilities in respect to this QHSSE Policy and is expected to undertake their duties with care, focus, attention, discipline, by displaying the correct attitude, behavior and actively participating in the development of a proactive ‘Safety Culture’ within our organization.