• Ex Fis builds new Fuel Depot and Retail Fuel Station for US Army at Camp Bondsteel

    The Camp Bondsteel Bulk Fuel Installation ribbon cutting ceremony was held on 10 November 2016.

    Brigadier General Christian Riener (AUT), Deputy Commander, Kosovo Force (KFOR) Commander, Colonel Wolfgang Weichselberger Joint Logistic Support Group, (AUT), Ms. Della Hodges, Director, Area Support Team Balkans and Ex Fis principal Mr. Isa Muharremi presided over the official ceremony.

    The completion of the new Bulk Fuel Installation follows the completion of the new retail point in July 16 and is the final project at Camp Bondsteel for improvement to the fuel infrastructure. This facility features the latest technology in terms of product quality, safety and ease of operation.

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