For nearly a decade Ex Fis has been providing fuel support solutions to the worlds premier militaries with unmatched services. Over 100 million litres of aviation, ground and specialty fuels has been provided to European and North American militaries.

Ex Fis can provide tailored made solutions to the exacting needs of the Armies. Currently, flight line services, bulk ground & aviation fuel supply, camp services such as bulk fuel installations (fuel farms) & retail fuel services. Additionally, purpose built storage for both long and short term storage is available to our customers. Ex Fis is an end-to-end holistic provider of fuel solutions. While others might deliver fuel we specialize in fuel solutions.

Ex Fis understands difficult environments and has stood shoulder to shoulder with our military customer insuring that no matter how difficult the challenge fuel will be provided every time, on time.

Our supply chain relationships, logistic capabilities and operational integrity contribute to robust supply systems in difficult and challenging environments throughout the world. We have been steadfast in our support to our military partners for nearly a decade and we can insure steadfast solutions are part of our customer’s common operating picture where ever the next mission takes them.