Founded in 1991, Ex Fis is a privately held group of companies focused on trading and supply of oil products. Ex Fis is a major participant in fuel business in Balkans primarily serving Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia markets.

Our operations are physical. Products such as diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil and bitumen are handled. We operate terminals, chart vessels, refuel aircrafts, support military, run truck fleets, test fuel and operate retail stations every day.

Ex Fis is fully owned by its management team, a structure that allows quick decision making and short chain of command. Our team of professionals has a true depth of knowledge and experience in the business of oil transportation, market intelligence, refining, distribution, product quality, marketing, trading and finance. We’re resourceful and adept at understanding and managing risk.

The first and foremost value cultivated throughout our organization is Integrity. This has proven to create a solid platform for building long standing partnerships with our customers.